Indivisible Little Rock & Central Arkansas

Welcome to Indivisible Little Rock & Central Arkansas!

We are a group of volunteers dedicated to the values of equality, compassion, inclusivity, and justice. We work to register, educate, and get out the vote to elect officials who represent our progressive values. We are committed to holding our local, state, and national government officials accountable and ensure they represent all of us.

We welcome new members. We do not require membership dues but appreciate any level of financial support that our members can provide (see our ActBlue donation page). We strongly encourage members to support our group by donating their time, talents, and energy, whether it is making weekly phone calls or serving on a committee. If you share our values and our mission, we have a place for you!

What we do

We are involved in the election process by active voter registration and education. We distribute voting instructional and informational bookmarks as well as researched candidate/ballot issue scorecards. We hold candidate/ballot issue forums and score and/or endorse those candidates who represent our values. We assist our endorsed candidates’ campaigns in a number of ways.

We hold peaceful rallies and protests. We write Letters to the Editor. We meet or try to meet with our MOCs. We are engaged in our community and partner with other progressive groups. We participate in a wide variety of events in order to reach people and help them get registered to vote or to bring awareness of progressive causes.

We coordinate Calls to Actions (CTAs), done by telephone/text/email/letter, contacting our Members of Congress (MOCs) or other elected or appointed officials regarding timely issues of concern. Examples include: healthcare, education, women’s health, marginalized persons, gun sense laws, global climate change, DACA, LGBTQIA, net neutrality, and any proposed or enacted action that is unfair or unjust to all or to a targeted group.

We accept that in order to create a truly representative democratic America, we all need to be actively involved and aware and do our part.

How to Connect

Attend a new member meeting   Indivisible LRCA Calendar
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Attend a neighborhood “huddle” meeting (contact: for more info)
Visit the Volunteer Page and sign up!

How to stay Informed

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We look forward to meeting you. Together, we will make a difference!