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What Can You Do?

How to Help Turn Out the Vote for the Midterms

  1. Get involved with Indivisible's #ARVotesCount campaign. Would you like to help register voters? Develop voter education materials? Do voter outreach? Get Out the Vote this November? Give voter reasons why they must vote out incumbents who don't represent our values? Help with media or social media?
    Email us at IndivisibleLRCA@gmail.com, and let us know how'd you'd like to be involved.

  2. Convince 5 reluctant voters in your life to go vote this year: If everyone one of us could get five of our friends, family, or co-workers who were otherwise thinking of NOT voting, to go early vote, when it’s convenient for them, we’d make a huge impact in Arkansas. More tools and resources for engaging with reluctant voters coming this summer.
    It’s not JUST about November 6th. There are LOTS of ways and days you can help make it convenient for them. Details Below!

  3. Be part of the #ARVotesCount Campaign: retweet off the hashtag, share #ARVotesCount FB posts, and share informative tips, resources, and stories about getting out the vote this year. We want all Arkansans to feel like they’ll be missing out, if they don’t go vote in the Midterms.
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Absentee Voting

It’s Easy to Request an Absentee ballot

Click here for the generic Absentee Ballot form.
Click Here for an Absentee Ballot form specifically for Pulaski County.
Mail your completed form back to your County Clerk’s office.

Early Voting

See Pulaski County Early Voting Locations

Find Your Polling Location here: www.voterview.org

Voter ID Requirements from the Pulaski Country Clerk's Office

Pulaski County Polling Place and Sample Ballot Lookup

Indivisible LRCA Volunteer Resources

Listed below are:
  • Sara Scanlon's tips on registering voters
  • Tips on high-traffic canvassing
  • A link to our Signup Genius page
  • A link to our "New Event" online form to let us know about opportunities to register voters
  • Additional voter registration resources

Tips on Registering Voters
by Sara Scanlon

Sarah Scanlon has served as a state and national organizer for the LGBT Community and the Bernie Sanders campaign. She volunteered her time and experience to train Indivisibles on effective voter registration. Here's The Document

Indivisible’s Tips for High-Traffic Voter Reg Canvassing

For a clear and simple list of do’s and don’ts for engaging potential new voters, go here.

Sign Up Here to Volunteer through Signup Genius at Upcoming Events

Please do first attend one of our voter registration trainings before signing up to volunteer for voter registration. Thank you! To find out when our next training is, email IndivisibleLRCA@gmail.com or go to the Events section of our Facebook page. Once you've had the training, Click here to signup on Signup Genius.

“New Event” Entry Form

Do you have a great new idea for where we need to go next to register lots of new voters?
This is where Indivisible volunteers enter newly-planned voter reg events, so we can get them on our calendar and recruit volunteers.
Thanks for helping to plan!

Additional Voter Registration Resources

ACLU’s How to Conduct a Voter Registration Drive

TX LWV: Best Voter Reg Practices

Indivisible435’s Voter Registration Guide

TX LWV: all evidence-based resources on Voter Engagement & GOTV

Nonprofit VOTE’s Analysis of Voter Engagement Programs that Work (and those that don’t)

ACLU’s Know Your Voting Rights in Arkansas

Ideas for Voter Reg Events on College Campuses