Indivisible Little Rock & Central Arkansas

Hold Congressman Hill Accountable
and Pressure the Senate to Hold a Fair Trial

Hold Congressman Hill accountable for voting NO to impeach Donald Trump. By making a choice to allow Trump to pressure foreign leaders to interfere in our elections, Rep. Hill has chosen party over our national security. Tell him you wanted our elections protected and you will hold him accountable with your vote.

  1. EMAIL him from his site:, and copy and paste the Opinion link from Arkansas Online:
  2. MAIL HIM a copy of Indivisible' public response to his vote:
    1533 Longworth HOB
    Washington, DC 20515
  3. CALL Rep. Hill at (202) 225-2506
  4. VISIT his office, and deliver your message in person:
    1501 N. University Avenue, Suite 630
    Little Rock, AR 72207
  5. Tweet him at @RepFrenchHill, or tag him in a Facebook post, @RepFrenchHill
  6. Call our Senators and demand that the Senate hold a fair impeachment trial and listen to the facts that emerged from the House, including testimony under oath by numerous dedicated public servants, such as Dr. Fiona Hill, Ambassador Walker, and Lt. Col Vindeman.
    Sen Cotton: 501-223-9081 or 202-224-2353
    Sen Boozman: 501-372-7153 or 202-224-4843

Thank you for making it clear voters will hold him accountable! We can't make it easy for our Reps to do the wrong thing.