Indivisible Little Rock & Central Arkansas

Our Mission:

Indivisible Little Rock and Central Arkansas is a grassroots activist organization that promotes a progressive and inclusive agenda. We are dedicated to the principles of justice, equality, compassion, and inclusivity. Our actions are focused on ensuring these principles are upheld in all levels of government.

Our Guiding Principles:

  1. We hold our elected representatives accountable to the voters
  2. We defend voter rights and fair elections, and promote voter engagement and participation
  3. We advocate for evidence-based policies that protect the environment and defend the dignity, well-being, and equality of all persons
  4. We promote progressive candidates
  5. We unite with other progressive groups to form coalitions to pursue and achieve our common goals

2018 Coordinating Council Members

Committee Representatives

Donna Drury, Membership
Vicki Botner, Communications
James Cargile, Elections/Voter
Barbara Raney, Coalitions
Loriee Evans, Admin
Deb Manfredini, Activism

At-Large Members

Teri Patrick
Beth Quarles
Devin Foster
Dina Nash
Anna McClung
Lucirene PiƱa
Doug Holmes

Mailing Address:

Indivisible Little Rock Central Arkansas
PO Box 1304
Little Rock, AR 72203